For The People…and Other Lovers, Friends and Foes



For The People…and Other Lovers, Friends and Foes is a collection of poems written for people I once knew and loved, and maybe a few I sometimes hated.  Most are my earliest poems written from my gut.






Sample Poem





“Very beautiful poetry.  Greatly detailed.  Some were humorous, while others serious. Wonderful mixture.  I loved the descriptive amazing imagery.  — POW! Award Judges, FSCJ Professors, Jacksonville, FL




“This book is massive. It captures an era. I knew Loretta and her family while growing up in Florida.  Her poetry couldn’t be more  real or honest.  It did move me!”  — Mike S., VP, Jacksonville, FL

“This book is absolutely beautiful.  I couldn’t put it down until I had finished the entire book!”  — Melinda, Property Appraiser, Palm Coast, FL

“Like looking at an old photograph album…it felt refreshing to go back in time…she did a great job in capturing her (our) youth in all those verses. As is usually the case with me, it has already served to inspire further verses.”  — Mike B., Songwriter/Musician, Tampa, FL

“It is great! I keep rereading, reinterpreting, and sometimes laughing. Thanks for the memories.” — Karen P., Special Ed Teacher, Tampa, FL 

“Just finished your collection of Poems in For the People… It was absolutely wonderful.  It really did move me. I cried when I read “Mama Stella”.  You are so talented but I always knew that. Congratulations.  I cannot wait for the other three books.” — Jean D., Tampa, FL  

“Universal themes that most people can relate to…love and heartbreak.” — Ellen V., Asheville, NC

 “A work of art!” — Gus P., Publisher, Daytona, FL 


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