The Sunrise Series is a collection of my early work which includes four books of poems written between 1975 – 1985, while  growing up in Florida attending high school and college.  Most of them were written on bits of paper, old letters and greeting cards given to people I once knew and loved.  There are special sections devoted to some of my first loves.  When you are young, first love is so intense and hurts so much more when it ends.  My poems stayed hidden in an old, green foot locker for many years because I thought they were too personal and I was afraid to let them be read them – afraid of what people thought about them or me.  After 9/11 I let go of that fear and began the journey to publish books.  The books are organized so that each chapter of the book tells a story, and each book tells a story and all four books together tell a story and would encourage you to read them that way.  Selected poems from the Sunrise Series books won the 2008 POW! Award for Outstanding Poetry Collection.

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